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The Barrow & District Society of Church Bell Ringers is an Affiliated Society of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers. Charity Registration No: 1120077

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The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

When we ring:

Regular Practices (All welcome)

Sunday Service Ringing (All welcome)

Novice Practices &  Additional “clinics”

Ringing Centre at
Holy Trinity Church

The ringing centre was first set up in 2000 when there were 8 bells in the tower.  Since then 4 more have been installed, offering a far wider range of ringing possibilities.   

During initial bell handling practice, we use a silencing device made from a piece of motorcycle tyre around the clapper.  There is also a lightweight dumbbell which can be used for part of the initial training process where appropriate.   

As with any musical instrument, it is vital that ringers learn to strike notes at the correct time and therefore open practice is necessary.  If anyone would like to come and see ringing in person, they're very welcome.

The dumbell

Got a special occasion coming up?  

Say it with flowers bells!

We can arrange for the bells to be rung just for you and then provide you with a certificate marking the occasion - what a novel way to celebrate something!  All that’s needed is a donation to our funds and a mutually agreed time.

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