The Barrow & District Society of Church Bell Ringers is an Affiliated Society of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers. Charity Registration No: 1120077

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The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

When we ring:

Regular Practices (All welcome)

Sunday Service Ringing (All welcome)

Novice Practices &  Additional “clinics”

Ringing Centre at
Holy Trinity Church

The ringing centre was first set up in 2000 when there were 8 bells in the tower.  Since then 4 more have been installed, offering a far wider range of ringing possibilities.   

Each of the bells is fitted with a silencing device made from a piece of motorcycle tyre.  This is used during initial bell handling training and also to enable special “silent” practices to take place.

With a selection of bells silenced, we can use a computer & speakers to produce simulated bell sounds. The computer program can “ring” one or more bells with perfect timing and a person can attempt to match this timing, ringing along with the computer purely by ear/rhythm.   There is also a lightweight dumbell which can be used for part of the initial training process and also for individual practice with the simulator.

The dumbell

Got a special occasion coming up?  

Say it with flowers bells!

We can arrange for the bells to be rung just for you and then provide you with a certificate marking the occasion - what a novel way to celebrate something!  All that’s needed is a donation to our funds and a mutually agreed time.

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