The Barrow & District Society of Church Bell Ringers is an Affiliated Society of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers. Charity Registration No: 1120077

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The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

There are two points of entry into the Scheme:

If you are interested in the Scheme, but not yet ready to commit, you can attend as an Observer.

NOTE: The modules can be taken in either order and can overlap.  The skills development period and degree of mentor support depend upon individual need.  A really important point to make is that this is NOT about throwing away the experience that people have and insisting on a “new” approach to be followed by all.  What it aims to do is offer a teaching approach that can be safely followed by anyone, including those with no prior experience. Mentors contribute to the teaching and many find that  the sharing of ideas that happens benefits them too.

For more information, go to the ITTS section of the ART website (link below) or to discuss in person please contact Heather Peachey.

Module 1: Teaching Bell Handling

Module 2: Teaching Elementary Change Ringing

Assessment & Accreditation

Completing a single module leads to Associate Membership of the ART and completion of both leads to full membership.

Teacher Training

Membership of the Association of Ringing  Teachers  (ART) is achieved through the

Integrated Teacher Training Scheme (ITTS).