The Barrow & District Society of Church Bell Ringers is an Affiliated Society of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers. Charity Registration No: 1120077

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The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

Tour of the tower

One of the first things you’ll be offered is a no-obligation tower tour. You will go right up to see the bells and find out how they work.

Intensive fast-track starter

Wherever possible your first series of lessons will be held in quick succession, at a time to suit you and the tutor.  These aim to give you the skills to basically handle a bell safely.

Bite-sized chunks

Learning to ring is a bit like learning to drive a car or play an orchestral instrument.  First of all you must learn to operate the equipment, then you learn to take your place with others.  We aim to always break skills down into accessible parts to suit the individual and work at your pace.

Integration into a local band

You will be invited to attend normal practice nights alongside your intensive training and will gradually start to ring with others.

Initial Training is free

“Learning the Ropes”:

  1. Bell handling
  2. Foundation Ringing Skills
  3. Introduction to Change Ringing
  4. Novice Change Ringer
  1. Change Ringer


Just turn up at any practice night (see home page)


Contact us to arrange a no obligation trial lesson